• Guardians Of The Memory
    Preserving popular culture is the responsibility of everyone who believes in the role and value of folklore
  • The Artistic Troupe
    It celebrates our cultural heritage and embodies the human relationship with the earth
  • Al Hannouneh Magazine
    A magazine concerned with popular culture in the Arab world from east to west
  • Thobe (Dress) of Life
    Our traditional dress is a masterpiece that summarizes the world and the earth on a body
  • Dabke Training Courses
    Dabke is a form of the indigenous folkloric tradition
  • Al Hannouneh Souk (Market)
    An opportunity to shop and learn about crafts, traditional industries and popular cuisine

Al Hannouneh Society For Popular Culture

Individuals from each generation believe in the importance of popular culture. Whether they were historians, politicians, writers and authors, artists, students or even grandparents narrating the ancestors past, they are all considered Guardians of the Memory. And through our engagement with our own heritage and by passing it on to the coming generations, we ensure its’ protection as it faces threats of loss, fraud and plagiarism.
Vision: Popular culture is a core incubator for the elements of the national identity.
Mission: Enhancing and rooting this incubating environment for initiative-driven generations that believe in the unity of the Greater Syria culture and defend its identity creatively and innovatively.
About the name: “AlHannouneh” is the name one of the most well-known wild flowers found in our mountains and plains. The Canaanite mythology says that Ba’al, God of Fertility, who signifies the reviving of life, had fought a The God of Death, which represents evil and during the battle, Ba’al was killed and shed blood. By the next spring and after Ba’al’s death, at each spot of blood drop he shed, a Hannouneh flower blossomed. A Hannouneh is the soul of persistence and existence.